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UFOs are Real: So Now What?


by Richard M. Dolan [Excerpted] After working on this topic for ten years, there is still a great deal I do not know. Yet, I feel confident in saying a few things: 1. UFOs are real. 2. Some are alien, and some are classified military projects. 3. There is extreme and extensive secrecy involved in this, not only from our ...

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UFO: U.S. group successfully sues NASA to release files related to UFOs and Extraterrestrials


Background: The world’s largest aerospace agency – NASA has been forced to release files it has steadfastly refused to release; until now. This court decision, as rendered is a milestone in the pursuit of free access to government files sequestered for over 40 years. Edited by Peter Tremblay TORONTO – The Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFi) has won a ...

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UFO: {cak}It came from a low northerly direction. Moved basically toward me then turned southwest and disappeared.


2015-03-15, Beckley, WV, US (MUFON) –I was traveling back from a business trip in Georgia. It was around 8PM on November 3, 2014. I was going in a northerly direction on I-77 nearing Beckley, WV when I observed a bright round white light off to the north – northwest. It was larger and much brighter than a star. When I ...

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UFO: Two bright lights which were ellipses initially but became circles


2015-03-14, Coventry, GB (MUFON) –I was standing outside work having just finished a shift. A storm had just passed over and a beautiful rainbow was showing. I was taking photos of the rainbow and didn’t actually notice the lights in the frame. I took a series of photos to catch as much of the rainbow as I could but after ...

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UFO: {nd} driving to the store when I noticed 2 reddish orange objects in the sky that seemed out of place. pulled out my phone and got a 10sec video


2015-03-14, madison, WI, US (MUFON) –I was driving to the store in Madison Wisconsin when I noticed 2 objects in the sky that had a reflective reddish orange color. I very quickly realized I was seeing something unique and unusual. I pulled out my phone and recorded a 10 sec video.it was there in the sky and it was gone ...

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UFO: like a violet cloud with three lights


2015-03-14, Puerto Madero, AR, US (MUFON) –I was at my blacony taking a pic of the view and didnt notice the object, it was when I posted to my fb that I saw the violet cloud with the lights, I went out again and didnt see anything until I pointed my phone camera to where it was just to see ...

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UFO: Galde Press book explores Manipulative Extraterrestrial Rulers of Earth in the Biblical era


by Michael Salla, PhD Rulers of the Earth is a moving personal attempt to clarify ancient biblical references to the “sons of God”, and relating these to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Dr Joe Lewels reveals his own personal odyssey from successful businessman and academic who once headed the Department of Journalism at the University of Texas at ...

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UFO: Critically acclaimed film uncovers UFO evidence


Critically acclaimed film uncovers UFO evidence Fastwalkers Screening is a Canadian Premiere by Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed, Exopolitics Columnist Fastwalker “is a code word created by NORAD to classify non-correlated targets (UFOs) which approach our Earth from space and enter our atmosphere – roughly 500 are tracked yearly,” according to Exopolitics groups. In the provocative HD film documentary Fastwalkers, the ...

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UFO: UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Non-disclosure by Human elites is a short-sighted agenda


by Peter Tremblay Jeff Rense reports that John Lenard Walson has discovered a new way to extend the capabilities of small telescopes and has been able to achieve optical resolutions — at almost the diffraction limit — not commonly achievable. With this new-found ability, he has proceeded to videotape, night and day, many strange and heretofore unseen objects in earth ...

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