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UFO: {rjl} It hovered for about two hours next to the crescent. It then suddenly disappeared with the moon.


2015-03-27 ,Garfield ,NJ, US (MUFON) — My family and I went out to get some ice cream and we noticed an object staying still in the sky next to the moon(crescent). The object released smaller objects that began to blink and shoot back and forth in the sky. We drove home immediately to record the object. We zoomed in and ...

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UFO: bright pulsing light in the sky.


2015-03-27 ,gold coast ,AU (MUFON) — I was sitting in the backyard with my wife and my mother, we were all sitting out side talking when my wife pointed to the sky saying “what is that”, we all looked up the sky in the direction my wife was pining to see a bright ball of light in the sky, it ...

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UFO: {rjl} Witnessed a very bright object in the clear sky.

2015-03-27 ,Manhattan ,NY, US (MUFON) — I saw the object In March 12, 2015, at 7:50 PM above Manhattan, NY. I was home. I looked out of the window and noticed unusual helicopter activity in the sky. I saw three or four helicopters and a plane and a very bright light. I kept looking because I was first intrigued by ...

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UFO: {rjl} Large triangle shape object crossed road saw about 2 minutes then seen on other side of thames river


2015-03-26 ,Uncasville ,CT, US (MUFON) — Was driving towards Mohegan Sun casino coming from friends house with friend in car. We were driving towards the casino when a massive triangle object crossed the road. I have never seen anything like this.MY friend and I Observed this object for about a minute and a half then lost it. My friend and ...

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UFO: {rjl} Lights in sky shooting back and forth. Stopping for a moment then shooting to another location in sky.


2015-03-26 ,LaPlata ,MD, US (MUFON) — Was a warm summer night when a couple of my friends and i were playing outside. We lived in the country so we had a clear view of 360 degrees night skys and stars. When i just happened to look up and saw 4,5 maybe 6 lights up by the stars moving independently. One ...

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UFO: {rjl} Small white light disappearing into large white light.


2015-03-26 ,Arllington ,OH, US (MUFON) — I was driving East on Hwy 103 between Arlington, OH and Mount Blanchard, OH. when I notice a large white light high in the sky. It was not moving. Then I saw a small white light streaking in from the North heading to the large white light. It was moving much faster than any ...

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UFO: Witnessed a UFO in backyard, also appeared to stalk me. Video Evidence attached.


2015-03-26 ,Garson ,ON, CA (MUFON) — I was in the house when I had the urge to look outside and I saw two red flashing lights and a vague outline of a craft. I grabbed my girlfriends ipad2 and began to film it. At first it was virtually soundless, I filmed for almost a minute and it wasn’t flashing red ...

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UFO: {rjl} standing on sidewalk and this shot object shot straight up


2015-03-26 ,downtown Chicago ,IL, US (MUFON) — i was standing in downtown Chicago and saw this rocket type craft shoot straight up in the air. i do not say it is a real UFO, but it freaked me out to see this flight pattern in a city setting. i would simply like to know what i saw.

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{rjl} UFO materializes leaving a trail, then dematerialized. 2 witnesses


2015-03-26 ,Richmond ,VA, US (MUFON) — A friend and I were star gazing on Loch Lothian pond’s walking bridge off Woolridge Rd in Midlothian, VA. I first saw it. i started to see a blue trail but something causing it began to materialize, it took aproximately 2-3 seconds to fully appear. then lasted a couple seconds, looked kinda like a ...

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UFO: It was fluorescent green and traversed the distance within a fraction of 2 secs after which the lights switched off automatically


2015-03-26 ,Near Thane Station ,IN (MUFON) — I work for a UK based Insurance firm and was returning back from the office in a cab arranged by my firm today. We had to drop a couple of people on the way and I was sitting next to the cab driver who also spotted this event, so that rules out any ...

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