Workers may be exposed to toxic metals in shop towels

(NC) A peer-reviewed study conducted by Gradient, a nationally recognized environmental and risk sciences firm, shows that U.S. and Canadian manufacturing workers who use laundered shop towels may be exposed to lead and other metals. The study, published online in the October issue ofHuman and Ecological Risk Assessment, estimated worker exposure to 28 different metals, including lead, in laundered towels ...

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Give an extra helping to hungry families


(NC) Far too many Canadian kids go to bed hungry – but this spring we can all do something about it. Did you know that during an average month, 833,000 Canadians seek the help of a food bank, according to Food Banks Canada – and one-third of those are children? This year, however, make a difference by participating in the ...

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Fat Burners: Weight Loss Experts Make Garcinia Cambogia Break Sales Records


Note: Garcinia Cambogia Extract has sold out in most stores. As Of 5/07/2014 It’s Still Available Online. If you are a regular tv watcher or just following the heath/medical news, than for sure you heard about the expression ‘’Holy Grail of Weight Loss’’. Well, 2014 brought us this grail from Dr. Oz and if if have never heard of him you should know that his ...

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