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Support for Palestine grows in Israel


It looks very pleasant that the peace god smiles to the besieged Palestinians with increasing good will emanating from Israel. That is indeed a positive sign of justice, albeit very late,  for the long oppressed people of Palestine. In a surprise move, the Israel’s right-wing foreign minister and a pro-settler leader who opposes an independent Palestine tooth and nail thus far, ...

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Fukushima nuclear leakage and India’s Kudankulam


When the rulers do not value the human lives, except the of the rich, they are just the most dangerous beasts. Indian regime, run by mafias of all sorts, including nuclear mafia, always showcases the common masses its resoluteness and arrogance. Pushing through in hurry the Kudankulam nuclear terror plant in Tamil Nadu caring a damn for the people living ...

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Cuba suspends US consular services


At Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December, Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro shook hands for the first time. That was indeed an unplanned gesture from sides. Shortly after that Cuba and the US also announced the resumption of official talks on immigration and postal services between the two countries. However, the realignment of strained equations between the traditional foes was not in true ...

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