Sexuality gets the craziest debate yet


A hilarious and heated debate where a discussion was held where people were to chose what they would prefer between a toe curling foreplay and creamy brie if a choice was presented to them. This ridiculous debate led to a series of fascinating research at the University of Columbia.  The Blue and White magazine, an online edition in Columbia usually ...

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Sex: What on a woman’s wish list?


According to many men, women are complex to understand and understanding that their brains works very differently from yours will help a great deal in figuring them out and knowing how to turn them on. One of the major things a man should understand about the brain of a woman is the fact that it does not have a 24/7 ...

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One time that sex should be avoided


There are just a dozen of reasons why people feel they just want to get between the sheets with their partners like you are both home early or there a few new positions you have learnt from the internet and you are dying to try them out with your partner but there is one reason that you should never consider; ...

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Summer Sex Tips


This being an extremely hot season, it can get hotter when you get to the action that sometimes you can feel like passing out. With a few cooler foreplay tips you can make love without overheating. A frosty lick to a guy will definitely put him in the mood. Before giving the outer edge of a guy’s ear a lick ...

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Sexuality: Myths about female desire versus the real facts


Women are believed to be monogamous while men are believed to get involved in frequent casual sex more often. According to researches done, it is more complicated than it seems to be.  Daniel Bergner who is an award winning journalist in his new book What Do Women Want: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire points out new research that ...

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Give her a piece of jewellery from the heart


(NC) Surprises are the best kind of gift — and for Valentine’s Day, a heart-shaped jewellery surprise takes it to another level. “You may notice that every year, the leading retailer, Pandora, adds to its Valentine collection of pendants, charms, rings and earrings — and all of them are modestly priced,” says Janette Ewen, a Canadian style expert. “And this season ...

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Organic coconut oil: Your skin’s best winter companion


(NC) — As the temperature continues to drop, you have probably noticed the negative effects on your skin as it becomes dry, flaky and itchy. Walking down the aisles of the store, it’s quickly apparent that the choices of lotions and potions to stop dry skin are endless, but which product should you choose? There’s one superfood solution that is ...

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Makeup: 3 tips to shape and illuminate the face


1. The golden rule: brighten the skin to attract attention The goal is to bring to light key areas we want to highlight (like cheekbones) and shade areas we want to avoid highlight (round cheeks, forehead too, etc.. ). It is not to transform, but to give a boost to nature by building on our strengths. Moreover, the experts all ...

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