First Online Date – What Should You Do?


Congratulations, you have your first online date! Now what should you do? Online dating is very fun, but there are is not a lot of information out there on what to do when you have your first date. Online dating is very different from dating in person. With these easy steps you can be sure that you will have a ...

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Dating: Taking an online relationship offline


After months of clicking through numerous online profiles, there he or she is – Mr. or Ms. Right. After finally finding an online interest, the frustration begins to set in. The online relationship seems more like a pen pal than a love interest. This leads to the question: How to move an online relationship offline? If the online relationship consists ...

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Relationships: Avoid second date pitfalls


In the quest for “your” gal or guy, the second date is a promising sign. For the one who has been going on date after date, the infamous second date shows things are starting to look up. This is a clear sign there must not have been any red flags on the first date. Now it is time to take ...

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Dating Sites Use Advertorials to Boost Membership


Advertorials have marked a new way of advertising your product, business or company. It is a more reliable way of advertisement, as compared to TV or radio commercials or ads in newspapers or websites. Advertorials look more like editorials in magazines. These are also written by professional writers or journalists, who first have a deep overview of the product or ...

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Ottawa: Singles Event Comes to the Sugar Shack

365537485D invites you to a singles event at a local  Maple Sugar Shack. Ottawa’s popular sugar shack is Vanier has been considered North America’s only urban sugar shack. The history of this Sugar Shack dates back to 1939. At that time, Pere Blanc Missionaries were the first ones in this region to collect the sap from tapping trees. Collected sap ...

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Relationships: How to be a great date


#1 Don’t be a jock In the survey question about which Haligonian type is the least appealing, jocks claimed top spot, with 21 percent of people agreeing that game on is a turnoff. But to make things confusing, the least least-appealing Haligonians are surfers (only 1 percent of people are riding the anti-surfer wave). Maybe it’s the wetsuit. #2 Ask ...

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Online dating scam costs Canadian woman $42k


Millions of people looking for love turn to the Internet and online dating services. One Canadian woman thought she found love. Instead, she found a con artist who took her for $42,000. The woman, who did not reveal her identity, claimed to have met the perfect man. He claimed to be an American soldier fighting overseas, the parent of an ...

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Ottawa Singles meet for Mediterranean cuisine


Are you a single male or female who loves Mediterranean cuisine? You should attend an event, to be held on Wednesday, March 27, 2013. This event is being organized by Ottawa, a meet up group for singles in Ottawa. The group organizes such events on a regular basis. Joining this group will help you to interact with other like-minded singles ...

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Ottawa Singles meet for Thai cuisine


Are you a single man or woman who lives in Ottawa? Do you like Thai cuisine? You should attend an upcoming event. This group organizes such events on a regular basis.   Joining this group will help you to interact with other like-minded singles in Ottawa, and enjoy the best food the city has to offer. Most people, who ...

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Ottawa singles bring together wine tasting showcase


Are you a single man or woman living in Ottawa? Do you love good wine? You should attend this wine testing event organized by The event will bring together great food lovers in the city of Ottawa, who will get to taste the best of wines. They will also get the opportunity to mingle with like-minded singles from around ...

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