Ottawa: Wine & Food Show inspires Singles group


Are you from Ottawa, Canada? Still haven’t met your partner? If you’re single and ready to mingle, and not-to-forget from Ottawa, you might want to join this event wherein you get to meet and mingle with other people and at the same time join in the wine tasting event. The city of Ottawa, also the capital of Canada, is famous ...

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Online Dating: Top Ten Safety Tips


Safety Tips for Online Dating 1. Keep communication to the online services of the dating website until you feel comfortable. Do not give out personal contact information before you are ready. 2. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. 3. Take as long as you need to get to know someone new prior to deciding to ...

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Dating: Men and the obstacles that block them


Simms Jr. here. Hey ladies! If it’s cool with you, here’s more insight on the modern American male. Today is another “installment” of my observations on 21st century dating. The new topic concerns the seeming slowness or malaise that men seem to have when wanting to take “the next step”. Or trying to enter a committed relationship period. Yup. I ...

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Why dating is becoming more difficult


In our fast paced and technologically laden society, we have become accustomed to expecting the next best version of everything. From our iPhones to our significant others, our insatiable appetite to upgrade our lifestyles has created a paradigm shift in our expectations of others, but not necessarily within ourselves. So often, we all expect life to show us what we ...

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Dating: Top Ten signs he’s cheating


No one likes to be paranoid about their relationship. After all, relationships are supposed to based upon trust. But, a 2012 study printed in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, reveals some sobering statistics about the percentage of men who engage in affairs. Women are often oblivious to the signs of a cheating guy. So, it’s rarely surprising to ...

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Dating: How to Encourage a Man to Ask You Out


There’s this one guy you’ve been eyeing for quite some time already. Exactly how would you get him to ask you out on a date? There are many different ways to ask a guy out, yet to make sure that it will work on him, never make it look like you admire him so much. Make it possible for a ...

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Dating: Consider your Boyfriend’s Mom


Like it or not, you would have to meet his parents one day. Many women dread the thought of meeting their boyfriend’s mother because it is believed that no woman would ever be good for someone’s son. Here are a few ways to charm your boyfriend’s mother and keep a steady and fantastic relationship with her. If you want to ...

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Online dating: An emerging trend or just an addiction


Online dating is one of those emerging trends, which gained a huge popularity in last few years. The reason for this growth is mainly because of fast forward life, where people are not getting enough time to go out and hook up with someone. One the other hand, internet growth is pretty rapid and one can’t deny the fact that ...

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Relationships: First date mistakes women usually make


A date could be a really nerve-wrecking situation. Women usually try so hard to find ways to impress their date, especially if it the first time they have met each other. In order to avoid having him disappear on you without even him calling you back, you have to be prepared so as not to make the most common first ...

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Dating: Effective Tips to Attract Men


  Most women think that in order to attract men, all you need is a killer physical appearance. While it could surely attract men, it could attract them for all the wrong reasons. If you intend to radiate an attractive appearance, here are a few effective techniques that men would surely not be able to resist. There are many ways ...

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