UFO: Illinois Witness Reports Hockey Puck-shaped Object

2015-03-11,Burlington, IL, US

(MUFON) –Traveling west bound on U.S. 34 between Biggsville, IL and Burlington, IA. Had just left the new four lane back on to the old two lane, about 6:52 am, when I noticed a very bright light about tree top high, slightly to my left. At this point the road descends into the Mississippi River valley. I was able to keep it in my view as I preceded towards Burlington. I have seen Life Flight helicopters from Great River Medical enroute to the Iowa City hospitals. At first that’s what I thought it was because all I could see was the bright lights, but once I cleared the trees along the highway and could clearly see the shape, I knew it wasn’t that. The sky was starting to brighten with sun rise and I was able to discern the hockey puck shape with the lights across the top rim. Traveled less than a mile when the object extinguished its lights and disappeared in front of my eyes at about 6:56 am. I continued to search the sky for several minutes with nothing to be seen.