UFO: Australian researcher suggests some children demonstrate evidence of Extraterrestrial interference in Human DNA

Edited by David Stein

Are human /ET hybrids emerging amongst us, and are these ‘Star Kids’ leading the way to a new world of understanding? Mary Rodwell’s research explores the evidence from scientific, medical, psychological, and historical perspectives to support what she believes is a human genetic engineering program being carried out by extraterrestrial species, which is part of an “upgrading’ of homo sapiens, creating a paradigm shift in human consciousness. Her research includes some of the latest DNA research, which could qualify how this up-grading could and may occur.

Many of us word-wide are looking anew at our ties to ancient worlds through ancient artifacts, manuscripts, art and sacred geometry. How is our DNA effected by this new consciousness and the new paradigms created? Is the crop circle phenomenon a part of an activation of our DNA structure, triggering new thought pathways and communication on subatomic/soul levels?

We are in the process of retracing and reassessing our origins to include a cosmic perspective. Are we experiencing a transformation – a quantum leap to “Homo Noeticus” – the new human?