UFO: {nd} to me it looked like candy corn, but silver and a yellowish glow at the bottom. fairless hills PA, US

2015-03-13, fairless hills, PA, US

(MUFON) –I was outside in fair less hills bucks county, when i looked up in the sky, i was standing between two apartment buildings, i saw like 10 objects floating over head, i took out my phone and snapped a couple of pictures, to me they looked like a V shape but upside down and the bottom was glowing orange-ish yellow but i never heard a sound. they were moving slower then i would think something can fly. i thought it looked like a secret or unknown aircraft.

I never saw anything like this before and lost track of them as they flew over the buildings.

the date is approx, but i should have it on actual pics… if you need any more info. i would sure be able to show you where it was….