UFO: UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Non-disclosure by Human elites is a short-sighted agenda

by Peter Tremblay

Jeff Rense reports that John Lenard Walson has discovered a new way to extend the capabilities of small telescopes and has been able to achieve optical resolutions — at almost the diffraction limit — not commonly achievable. With this new-found ability, he has proceeded to videotape, night and day, many strange and heretofore unseen objects in earth orbit. The resulting astrophotographic video footage has revealed a raft of machines, hardware, satellites, spacecraft and apparent alien space ships which otherwise appear as ‘stars’… if they appear at all.

There has simply been a preponderance of reliable documents which proves over and over that Manipulative and also apparent Ethical Extraterrestrials have continued to visit Earth.

Researchers, activists and other people, have called for full disclosure of any known information about UFO and Extraterrestrials.

One pivotal question is that what broad agenda would motivate Earthbound human elites to cover-up these facts?

Earthbound human elites have apparently concluded that their short and long term interests would be served by continued non-disclosure, in the apparent interest of maintaining the status quo of reported relations that human elites have, with alleged manipulative constituencies of Extraterrestrials. This includes human elites having allegedly sold their souls to gain technology for military and industrial purposes that can be used to further pursue their agenda of greed and planetary exploitation.

However, what these human elites don’t seem to realize is that their apparent price for selling their souls may be much higher than they expected.

Indeed, while these human elites may expect to be “rewarded” by their Manipulative Extraterrestrial allies, for their alleged “collaborations”, that may not be as much of a sure thing as they might expect.

Any intelligent Extraterrestrial being whether Manipulative or Ethical, would likely appreciate that no group that sells out their species can ever be trusted in the long-run. Elites, who seek a long-term agenda of collaboration with any Extraterrestrials, will not likely serve their long term interests when they demonstrate themselves to be so treacherous and self-serving, that they would stoop down to selling out their own species for short-term gain.

Meanwhile, what the new telescope is revealing, should be allowed to find its way into the public domain.

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