UFO: Gnostics insights suggest combating Global Warming requires consciousnesses to countervail Manipulative Extraterrestrials

by Paul Charbonneau

Humanity continues to lose the battle against Global Warming, because humanity has been mislead about the apparent root cause of this catastrophic environmental problem. Understanding the apparent root cause of the Global Warming problem, would empower humanity to focus its efforts on redressing that root cause. Currently, humanity is being mislead not only by Big Business interests, that have been commonly linked to government, but also by Big Environmental groups. Big Business and Big Environmental groups, are metaphorically two heads on the same body. The apparent conflict that these groups generate in the mass-media, is apparent political theatre, designed to confuse and mislead humanity with outright disinformation or “half-truths”, which are portrayed as the “whole truth”.

One of the best examples of this context is a former leader of the Greens in Canada, whose support clients included various Big Business interests associated with Petroleum and with other environmentally destructive interests. Have you ever been in the offices of these large supposedly pro-Environment conservation organizations, and noticed that the vibe of the place and the self-absorbed attitudes of management, is somewhat similar to the kinds of attitudes that one might find in various large corporations? If you did, you are beginning to appreciate the shared consciousness of these organizations.
Don’t be fooled by “activist” hype that large Environmental organizations generate, through corporate owned mass-media, or by their token public relations gestures, as orchestrated “fronts”, designed to hide alliances.

The root cause of Global Warming is not “greenhouse gas emissions”, but instead certain consciousnesses. The production of “greenhouse gas emissions” and the negligence associated with combating these emissions are both ultimately generated from the same interconnected groups, that are the creatures of the same malevolent consciousness. Trying to substantively slow down the production of greenhouse emissions through, for example, “market” circumscribed mechanisms like the Kyoto Protocol, which only scratch the surface of the problem, could be regarded as a totally futile process.

Recycling, buying energy efficient light bulbs, and being concerned about your “ecological footprint“, are environmentally responsible gestures. However, ancient Gnostic insight suggests that critical to fighting the modern problem of Global Warming, could very well be the focused systematized thought that you generate with other human beings.

If you like recycling cans of soft drinks or beer that you purchase, for example, but otherwise, “sell your soul” to a consciousness that is responsible for directing Global Warming, then your contribution to fighting Global Warming is limited to the relatively negligible activity of what you have recycled. However, if your recycling of the cans that you purchase is a manifestation of your cultivation of empathy toward your fellow human beings and with nature, you would have begun to cultivate the kind of higher consciousness that is needed to countervail the Gnostic-indicated lower dimensional consciousnesses that executes Global Warming activities.

Global Warming and its climate-change-related impacts, can be critically appreciated as being perpetrated by a pre-meditated calculating consciousness, that operates through an interconnected group. The consciousness associated with this group, can be conceived of as possessing a matrix of thought. This destruction complementing thought is expressed through religious thought, as well as through political economic thought via capitalism, and through legal thought, which works together with the foregoing to ensure the perpetuation of a global authority system.

John Lash documents that the ancient Gnostics had identified a Manipulative Extraterrestrial consciousness which is seeking to operate within Earthly hierarchical authority systems.

The objective of these Manipulative Extraterrestrial consciousness, as presented by John Lash is apparently to trick humanity into revering and into worshipping Manipulative Extraterrestrials, in the form of various oppressive authority figures demanding responses such as “blind faith” and “blind patriotism” within the execution of human enslavement.

Ancient Gnostics, in the process of using rigorous and critical spiritual introspection, discovered such interference by Manipulative Extraterrestrials against the execution of human free will. In their examination, Gnostics were able to separate the operating human identity from malevolent alien intrusions. Gnostics as free thinkers, were aware and openly acknowledged Extraterrestrial invasive visitations to Earth both physically, and via their apparent use of specific predation techniques against the human psyche through advanced technological means.

Gnostics, referred to Manipulative Extraterrestrial lower-dimensional consciousness as the “Archons”; in contrast with “Aeons” that seek to help inspire a higher consciousness among humanity.

Gnostic insights documented by Lash, suggests that the cultivation of a quantuum leap of higher consciousness on Earth would make Earth inhospitable to the consciousnesses which currently thrives on Earth by bringing a lower dimensional reality into Earth’s current space-time-thought continuum.

The consciousness associated with perpetuating Global Warming, acts through human agents, but appreciated within the Gnostic context, exist separately as an “Archonic” manipulative consciousness. The result is that human agents can be viewed to be simply the “hosts” that “Archons” have sought to parasitize and to incarnate themselves and then to act against Earth’s biosphere.

Specifically, through Global Warming, Archonic consciousnesses, seek to in the process, preside over resource over-exploitation on Earth, to destroy the ability of Earth’s biosphere to sustain human life, without the technological support of its artificial intelligence capabilities. This technological context of a Manipulative Extraterrestrial agenda against Earth’s biosphere and against humans, is detailed by writings of John Lash’s.

Big Business agents, in coordination with Big Environmental groups seek to mislead humanity into a state of futile protests and retributions by an Archonic elite supporting “security” apparatus. In the process Big Environmental groups channelling humanity into largely earnest but wasteful “protest activities”, essentially continues, as usual, under Archonic guidance, toward an eventual Archonic-sought stage, where humanity, ravaged by a destroyed environment and the destructiveness of environmentally precipitated wars, will become so desperate from the resulting chaos, that they will turn to the very religions for “salvation” that were themselves created by Archons to enslave human consciousness, and to “simulate an essentially artificial spirituality“.

The fruition of such a context would give the Manipulative Extraterrestrials the opportunity to return to Earth as emissaries of “God”m or as “gods” that could use their advanced technologies to create apparent miracles designed to mimic various religious “prophecies“, like the Book of Revelation in the Bible.
John Lash specifically refers to the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity in specific reference to the Old Testament, and Islam as the “doctrines of the aliens”.

Archons that instigated Global Warming activities in their first place through their directed consciousnesses, seek to apparently inspire humans to beg for their assistance through the media of their religions. John Lash’s representations about the Gnostics, could be viewed to suggest that the Archons may therefore seek only to allow as much damage from Global Warming that they can eventually “patch up” with the use their technology to “save the day”, to enable the Archons, to be worshipped as religious emissaries that “prophets of Gods” predicted would “save them”.

This kind of scenario is also presented in Gene Roddenberry’s Earth the Final Conflict. His original book which was turned into a television, series portrays a manipulative alien race, having environmentally destroyed their own planet, as offering “technological assistance” as “Companions”, to Earth’s elites, in order assist with “Earth’s problems”. In the process of offering technological assistance it eventually became clear to certain human beings that these “Companions” had been pursuing a long-term exploitative hidden agenda, as the “Companions” sought to encourage the worship of them as religious figures by human beings.
Global Warming that is associated with disruptive climate change, is occurring on planet Earth, because a lower-dimensional consciousness has so directed its thought against humanity. Based upon Gnostic insight, this directed thought, has conditioned human beings into a pattern of Global Warming precipitating activities under “Archonic” human hosts. The result is a system that also manifests such social psychoses as racism, sexism, war, genocide, other cultures of violence, and disregard for nature.

Archons then further seek to reinforce an instigated Earthly milieu for social psychosis, by establishing various elite-driven authority systems. These include organized religion, corrupted agencies of government, greed-driven private enterprises which make commercial profit for Archon hosts, that in turn use that money to build up oppressive police forces and militaries with technologically advanced capabilities courtesy of Archonic “warrior consciousnesses”.

Gnostic insights, as presented by John Lash, further suggests that humans who seek to save their planet, need to re-conceptualize their universe away from the enervating prisms of Archons, and into an appreciational context of humans having a vital interconnected consciousness to each other, and to our planet Earth.
Gnostics regard Earth, as the microcosm of a cosmic God, which Archons seek to replace with an “impostor God” or gods, that is presented in prevailing Extraterrestrial-contrived organized religions. Through religion and the authority systems that organized religions have spawned (that include government itself, expansionist militaries, and corporate Empires), Achons seek to manipulative and enslave humanity, similar to the alien characters depicted in Earth the Final Conflict. Humanity in today’s context of Global Warming and other related catastrophic global quality-of-living problems, therefore need to affirm their own humanity in their own consciousness and to consciously seek to defend against alien intrusion into their own psyche, which aims to mis-direct human beings into an Archon agenda against humanity.

After coming to grips with what it means to be human, we will need to critically appreciate the existence of an Manipulative Extraterrestrial consciousness, and its characteristics.
Elites that under the influence of “Arhonic” consciousnesses, have sought to conceal information about Extraterrestrial visitations to Earth, through reported UFO and close encounters, apparently in order to retard a critical spiritual awakening and understanding among humans. Such an awakening would disrupt the control system that has apparently been created under calculatedly blinding organized religions.

Additionally, Gnostic insights suggest that humans who seek to redress Global Warming need to appreciate the inter-relationships between time, thought, and space, as features that are associated with seeking a higher dimensional consciousness on Earth. Such a process would then arguably empower humans to focus themselves to defend our planet Earth, from Global Warming and Climate Change as an apparent “alien simulation”.
In order to be able to cultivate a higher dimensional consciousness, Gnostic insights document that humans would for example, need to replace fear with understanding; greed with social responsibility and environmental consciousness; and sentiments of vengeance, legitimated oppression, retribution, and violence, that Archons seek to galvanize in the so-called “War on Terrorism”, with empathy, wisdom, and peace.
Such a collective process among a sufficiently critical mass of humanity would generate a quasi-sexual energy, that would theoretically displace the Archonic consciousnesses, as well as related reinforcing systems, that have produced Global Warming, that Gnostic insights suggest Archons would seek to exploit.

Humans cannot rely on either Big Business interests or Big Environmental groups, or any other archonic-influenced elite driven institutions on Earth for that matter. Nor can humans rely on religious organizations (that have all been inspired by manipulative consciousness, against human free will and against environmental stewardship).

Combating Global Warming however, based upon Gnostic insights, could be accomplished by re-creating the kind of organic and non-hierarchical counter-culture movements that began to develop in the 1960’s, and that would reach a stage of re-vitalizing Earth’s consciousness-level toward healing.

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