UFO: Extraterrestrial insights from Gnostics illuminate the War on Terrorism as really about a War against Human Rights and Freedoms

by Peter Tremblay
The “War on Terrorism”, can be critically appreciated as a ruse to legitimate those interests that seek to destroy human rights and freedoms. John Lash, illuminates the Gnostics as seeking to warn humanity about an “artificial man” that seeks to enslave and exploit humanity. Gnostic warnings of such an artificial intelligence, seems to be consistent with the kind of prevailing intelligence which seems to be behind what is really a “War against Human Rights and Freedoms”.

John Lash illuminates Gnostic warnings, about an artificial intelligence that seeks to use human fears to execute an agenda of enslavement. The current ‘War Against Human Rights and Freedoms’ appears be a strategy that is being used to manipulate humanity into the social control agenda of an artificial intelligence. Technology from biometric based identification initiatives, to other computer-based tracking systems, could be regarded as the apparent “tentacles” of artificial intelligences, that now operate behind “human faces”.

Most people will not likely believe the possibilities of such a scenario, because they have limited their appreciation of reality, to what they have been told, by the very elite agents that have sought to conceal documented alien encounters have had among them, and with the diverse public.

It is vital that communities of human beings should begin to seek to reach a higher consciousness of empathy, peace, and wisdom, outside of prevailing dogma associated with organized religion and linear-centred science. Both organized religion, with particular emphasis on what John Lash refers to as the “doctrine of the aliens”, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and also science, have sought subvert critical appreciation of the human identity in relation to aliens, which include Gnostic-reported artificial intelligences.

In the process of seeking to reach such a higher consciousness, humans, today would be emulating the path of the Gnostics toward social liberation. They would therefore be in the process of also theoretically being able to detect Gnostic-reported manipulative alien artificial intelligences.

If the so-called “War on Terrorism” is an alien orchestrated phenomena, then the humans who seek to return toward a path of peace, would need to initiate a path that will liberate human civilization from what John Lash refers to as “alien intrusion”.

Furthermore, the first step on that path is to liberate ourselves from an exploitation-centred and greed-dominated system of time and resource management.

Are you seeking to explore alternatives to such a prevailing context of global capitalism, that is spawning conditions of perpetuated war? Please read Quality-of-Living and Human Development, ISBN: 1897036353, and Capitalism is Not Democracy, Part I, ISBN: 1894934636.

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