UFO: Eyewitnesses spot UFO over Michigan

Compiled by Albert Rosales
On 19 October 2007, the main witness and his friend were driving from the mall when they saw a bright big white light at 9:14 PM. At first he thought it was a blimp but his friend said that it was a UFO. They first saw the UFO when they were about a mile away from it. As they got closer they were shocked as it hovered right above them over the road. It had three bright lights on the bottom in the shape of a triangle.

It was saucer shaped, silver, with a small bubble type protrusion on top. It was spinning as it hovered. They pulled over because they wanted to get a better look at the object. There were about six cars behind them and they had also stopped to look.

As soon as they pulled out a camera it moved upward behind the clouds. It started to move west so they decided to follow it. Once again they pulled over and attempted to take pictures but every time it would move and hide behind the treetops. They managed to take five pictures with the digital camera and then it vanished behind the treetops.

There was a bank parking lot nearby so they decided to pull in and park. As soon as they parked and were about to get out they started hearing strange loud noises. They had never heard anything like it. For some reason, as scared as they were they got out because they wanted to see if they could actually see what was making the noises.

It almost seemed like two aliens communicating to one another. They were both just frozen and scared and then all of the sudden the noises started going “crazy” and a dog that was in a nearby backyard where the noises were coming from started barking, and it seemed like it was being attacked, so both witnesses jumped in the car and took off. All the photos came out overexposed.

About the writer:

Albert Rosales

Mr. Rosales is a veteran researcher on UFOs and Extraterrestrials. He can be contacted using email, LINK
Albert Rosales coordinates Ufoinfo.com. LINK

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