UFO: Extraterrestrials: Elites choose Eugenics over Conservation

Excerpted and adapted from Alex Collier
The architects of a New World Order have declared the world to be ‘overpopulated’. But, according to Andromedans [alleged Ethical Extraterrestrials], our planet could comfortably handle a population of 11 billion people if we conserved natural resources and used free energy devices. The problems is that political systems have broken down, and the political elites don’t want to take responsibility for what they have done, and in order to actually fix the problem, they have to give us more freedom — which they don’t want to do.

For elites, it is “easier” to create a eugenic-inspired “situation”, (i.e. the rationalized launching of a World War III scenario, with an ensuing environmental catastrophe which includes global famine) where half the planet’s population gets wiped out and they’re still in charge. I can assure you that the people you call your world leaders will be sitting on the moon, watching all of this happen, and when its done they will come back toward the goal of fully establishing a “New World Order”.

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