UFO: Extraterrestrials: The search for other intelligent life in the Universe

by Dr. John Chang

John Lash in explores Pagan Gnostic scientific insight on fractals and regressive aliens.

As Earthbound humans, we are told that the search for intelligent life goes on the universe. But, at the same time, as Earthbound humans, we may have from time to time, come across various accounts of alleged sightings of UFOs. There have also been alleged accounts of human contact with invasive regressive aliens. It is understandable that many UFOs might be various unknown terrestrial aircraft shrouded in required military secrecy. Other UFOs might also have various other conventional explanations. However, the numerous amounts of eyewitness accounts of first hand alien close encounters suggest that at least some of these UFOs are likely to be some kind of alien spacecraft. This conclusion drawn by various learned researchers of UFO phenomena who include Dr. Michael Salla have led to various speculations on the origin of these alien spacecraft. Many researchers have sought to postulate the origins of alien spacecraft.

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