UFO: A white ball moving slowly, then change direction turn in a circle and dissapear

2015-03-19, Bariloche, around Refugio, AR/p>

(MUFON) –We see it during our climbing tripo around El frey, in Bariloche, Argentina… It appear like a white ball move really slowly, the we get bored looking because move so slowly and for more than 20 minutes… the change the direction moving a little faster, and turn around itself and dissapear..

Sorry for my english, I would like if you help me to identify what it was. And believe me please, before that event i did not belive in UFOS or something like, but after that success I think there are other kind of lifes somewhere!

If you help me to make some other meaning, like about some thing our human sent to the sky I would be gratefull!


pd. the picture is with an old camara, so sorry for the dusty lens any way we saw it ourself in the sky, after the success we realize that many people in the area could saw it too..