UFO: Close examination of Lake Titicaca and many other similar lakes reveals HUGE mystery + physical tracking of objects!.

2015-03-26 ,Puno ,PE

(MUFON) — Under close examination of Lake Titicaca using the GOOGLE Earth application has revealed MULTIPLE unknown entities throughout the Lake.

This observation has been compared with other lakes of similar depth and size. Comparisons have revealed NOTHING even remotely similar.

The unknown entities are represented by glowing red and green lights, as well as white orbs with a black glow, all throughout the lake.

These objects are more focused towards the top left side of the lake.

Mostly around the island of Amantani. The lights and orbs can clearly be compared to the boats all around the lake, although you are left with mysterious unanswered questions.

Being able to see these very clear objects on a simple applicayion like Google Earth should allow for the tracking of these UFOs or USOs.

Please take this serious and look for yourself!