UFO: {rjl} brillant teardrop shaped ufo caught my attention out of the blue around 11pm at nite. at 1st there was just one,then a second one came chaseing the 1st one, they both zigged zagged away. they apperared to be way up in the stars

2015-03-25 ,poplar bluff , MO, US

(MUFON) — was in 1973,Poplar Bluff Mo. ide say around 11-12pm, A friend and I was just walking down the street a kinda dark street in a way we were just talking normally when for no reason I stopped and kinda turned and looked almost straight up. The 1st slit sec I thought it was a doves belly I was seeing because of the shape. But immediately I realized it was something strange ,but at the same time it was awsom. It was like a white pearl color ,it was stationary the whole time like it wanted me to see it and then another ufo just like that one came outa nowhere,appeared to be chaseing or following the 1st ufo. They both just zigg zagged away in a 45deg angle and was gone.the whole incident lasted 3 min or less. My reaction was , just quiet ,cause I was trying to understand what just happened. we had a farm I lived on 1972 between PB,mo and piedmont, I was used to seeing ufo type things at night. But nothing quite like this. these two ufo,s moved up in the stars like several thousands of miles an hour. we have nothing that can do that…