UFO: {rjl} It was a bright light that so bright and prominent.

2015-03-25 ,philadelphia, NC, US

(MUFON) — I was texting with a friend that I decided to call. Called him at 831 pm and went outside to smoke a cigarette.

As I was outside I had the lights off and the sky was very clear at the time or at least in the northern sky.

As I was leaning against the support for the carport, a very bright star, way brighter than any star I had ever seen, Was in the Northern sky about 60 degrees above horizon.

It was high in the sky but stood out so clearly. It was moving in what appeared to be a very slow pace for about 20 to 30 seconds, and all of a sudden it shot out as if away from me further up into the sky at an extremely high rate of speed and as it did so the light got dimmer. Before it ceased to be visible, I saw it curving ever so slightly to my right which would be the east and then it was just gone. I have never seen anything like that and was so blown away by it, that it was all I was saying to my friend on the phone with me.

I know of nothing that can do what I saw this light do. Please let me know if there are other sightings like this one. Thank you.