{rjl} UFO materializes leaving a trail, then dematerialized. 2 witnesses

2015-03-26 ,Richmond ,VA, US

(MUFON) — A friend and I were star gazing on Loch Lothian pond’s walking bridge off Woolridge Rd in Midlothian, VA. I first saw it. i started to see a blue trail but something causing it began to materialize, it took aproximately 2-3 seconds to fully appear. then lasted a couple seconds, looked kinda like a ship from star wars. then it began to dematerialize or disentigrate.

the entire time leaving a blue glowing trail. once gone the trail soon disapeared as well.

I don’t feel it was extraterestrial, i strongly believe in Alien Life forms, however in this instanst i strongly felt it was man made, but nothing i had ever seen before. And it has had a lasting affect on me, watching something appear then vanish before your eyes…