UFO: bright pulsing light in the sky.

2015-03-27 ,gold coast ,AU

(MUFON) — I was sitting in the backyard with my wife and my mother, we were all sitting out side talking when my wife pointed to the sky saying “what is that”, we all looked up the sky in the direction my wife was pining to see a bright ball of light in the sky, it was noted to be at least 90 degrees above the horizon above us, it was moving in a northern direction and was pulsating in light.

We noticed that the light when it pulsate changed in brightness. We all tried to logically explain the event. We all came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a plane as there was no sound or red tail light, we all said that it couldn’t be a satellite as it was below the cloud line and it wasn’t even dark enough out to see the stars.

Then during our discussion on what it was it changed direction and started to move in and north eastern direction.

The light made no sound and moved at a constant speed.

It moved past the tree line so all three of us moved to the front of the house to view it. We found the object in the sky, the object was now seeming to be 30 degree above the horizon, then while we were watching it still trying to figure out what it was, the light disappeared out of the sky.