UFO : {rjl} I had 2 sightings this is the second and i have already reported it here in this site.I will explain below why I am here today.

2015-03-26 ,poughkeepsie ,NY, US

(MUFON) — Like I said above I had 2 sightings and reported them here in the past.The reason for me today writing here is because I have had some things happen in the past that I want to talk to someone about.

I think something is going on in this area but not to sure what it is.I think I need help from someone to get my father investigated on what he was involved in the past.

What I realy need first is to talk to someone before I say anymore.I am gonna wait and see and I hope I get to talk to someone who can help.

I am a little weary about talking on the phone cause I now have a roommate and don’t want no one knowing whats going on.