Mayor Jim Watson Says LRT to Gatineau makes long-term Sense

Mayor Jim Watson said extending the LRT system into Gatineau should be in the city’s long-term plans after the train reaches Kanata.

In a year-end interview with Metro, Watson said he is excited that the progress on the city’s LRT system will continue and expects there will be a commitment from the federal government for Phase 2 soon.

“It’s just a matter of time, crossing T’s and dotting I’s,” he said.

Watson said he’s glad that the environmental assessment for extending the train to Kanata, which he calls “Phase 3,” is in the city’s budget, but the city has to keep thinking decades out and next stop should be Gatineau.

“We don’t have the money for it and we haven’t even done an environmental assessment, but I think when you’re looking at transit, you have to be looking long term,” he said. “I see Phase 4 as going into Gatineau through the Prince of Wales Bridge connecting their Rapibus system to our train system.”

Watson said the two cities are so closely connected that ultimately a seamless transit connection has to happen.

“You look at the numbers and there are tens of thousands of people every day that cross the bridges.”

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