How to encourage your child to read more

childReadingReading books is one of the most important things that anyone can do whatever their age. Encouraging your child to read more is one of the best things you’ll ever do for them. Books can take you anywhere, whether it is action adventures on another planet, historical tales, comedies or mysterious tales of witches and wizards. What do you do though if your child prefers to play with their toys rather than open a book and start reading it?

Firstly take a look at what they love watching on television. If they like Peppa Pig then look for a book that is linked in with that series, check out some educational technology on sites like to keep up to date on the best apps you can utilise to incorporate reading through modern media that your child will find more engaging and exciting.. TV series always seems to have a book associated with them nowadays so this shouldn’t present you with any problems at all

It’s important that your child reads something that they already have an interest in. There’s no point trying to make them read something that they’re totally not interested in, make reading something enjoyable not a chore they want to get out of.

If your child loves sport then again there are plenty of opportunities to get your child reading more. It can be anything from books about their favourite team to the latest match reports or programmes.

Do you read your child stories? If you do then try and make it a joint effort and soon your child will see how enjoyable reading can be. There are so many children’s books available that the parent themselves probably read as a child. Relive your childhood days and pass that great book onto the next generation. For example, give your child an Enid Blyton book or perhaps ‘Winnie the Pooh’. Read books with your child, you do one paragraph they do the next or ask them questions about what you’re reading. Click here for plenty of reading material.

Just like when your child is playing but not actually realising that there’s an educational side to it, the same can happen with reading. Play board games that have written instructions, put subtitles on the television or leave your child reminder notes.

Motivating your child is always a way of making them achieve something. Keep a record of achievement for your child, draw a graph or chart marking the number of books your child has read. A sense of accomplishment always helps a child.

Local libraries can be great places to go to and regularly hold events for children. Again if it’s a fun environment then there’s more chance of your child starting to read more and more. There are so many books in a library there’s always going to be something that your child will want to read. Making regular and entertaining visits to the library will create something that your child will look forward to.

Reading is vitally important for your child, not just to entertain them but to educate them as well. Books can spark imaginative thoughts and help your child progress in their education. Therefore encouraging your child in the ways explained in this article can have tremendous benefits in the years to come.