Xmeeting Review: Xcheaters.com Discusses Scam

Datingbusters.com promises to help people identify if a dating site is genuine. The site regularly writes reviews of the available dating sites on the Internet. In majority of these reviews, it claims that the site is not genuine. Also, datingbusters lists two sites as genuine dating sites, even though they are not popular and are unknown to most people.

An interesting fact about Datingbusters is that, the admin of the site does not provide any contact details like phone number or actual email address. There is only a generic email address that fails to provide us with any information about the true identity of the admin. Now, we need to wonder why he would hesitate about providing his actual email address on his website, if he has nothing to hide.

A so-called social crusader should be able to stand behind his words and be ready to answer any questions that people might have. Clearly, the admin of the site is not willing to interact with people and answer their queries. He claims that other sites are fake and does not even allow them to defend themselves. If anyone comments in support of these sites, he levels them as liars. At times, he kind of reminds us of an online bully who is too afraid to reveal himself.

A self-proclaimed social crusader who hides behind a generic email address is dubious. Why would he need to hide his identity? We can only hope that people will also ask the same questions and force the admin at Datingbusters.com to expose his true motive.