Xcheaters.com: Top Nine Signs She’s Cheating on You

When you and your lovely lady have been together for quite a few years, you may start to notice different signs. If you start to see that your lady is acting differently, you may think that she is cheating on you. Xcheaters.com has made a list of signs to really know if she is cheating.

The first sign is that she is suddenly nagging about almost every little thing that you do. On Sunday nights when you want to watch football with the boys, she is nagging about why you are always with them when she clearly knows that this has always been the Sunday night tradition. She nags you about putting your dishes away or taking out the trash. If her attitude has changed on all of these things, she is probably seeing a man who always does his own dishes, etc.

Secondly, she now has a new, male friend. She talks about this friend, but in a very mysterious way. She probably works with him or met him out on a girl’s night, but now he is all she talks about. She makes it a point to say that nothing is happening with him, and that’s when it usually is.

Xcheaters.com has said that the third way to know if she is cheating on you is that she cannot answer very simple questions about where she has been or who she has been with. She always says she’s out with the girls, but you know her girlfriends so well that you know their work schedules and how often they don’t hang out.

Soon, she will no longer include you in her plans. Many couples have specific date nights and suddenly, she is going to do other things with her girlfriends or her new work friend on those nights. This is the fourth way to tell that she is cheating on you according to Eric Heston from the website Askmen.com.

The fifth way to tell that she is cheating is that she is starting to care more and more about her appearance. After a while, being with the same person gets boring. The two of you become so comfortable with each other that you stop worrying about how the other looks. When she starts dressing sexier or buying new make-up and perfume, she is definitely cheating on you or going out to find your replacement.

Xcheaters.com’s sixth sign is that she wants more and more alone time. She secludes herself more than usual and wants to be alone and have space. This is a sure sign that she is cheating on you!

When the sex stops, that is one of the most evident signs of them all. When she no longer wants to touch you or have you touch her, she is cheating. No doubts.

If she is keeping her schedule very secret or staying late at work, Heston says that she is cheating on you, for sure.

And the ninth and final way to know she is cheating is that she grows very defensive. She starts asking you if you’re cheating on her. That is the sure sign that she is cheating according to Eric Heston at Askmen.com.

All of these signs point to her cheating on you, and let’s hope that you can talk it out with her before she decides to end your relationship.