Xmeeting.com: Top 10 Places to Meet Women

 Meeting women can be pretty tough these days. Most people want to meet on online dating sites, but some still like to meet men the old fashioned way, face to face. Xmeeting.com has quite a few suggestions on places where you should meet women.

 1. Do it yourself stores: Many women go to these stores when they need help with an important project. Sometimes, they actually don’t know what they are looking for. This would be a great opportunity for you to help them out. You can show off your knowledge and perhaps get a number.

 2. The gym: A lot of women go to the gym to get away from it all. Some of these women also like to show off their impressive lifting skills and meet men.

 3. Sporting event: There is nothing sexier than a woman who likes sports. Maybe you will find a single woman who is a fan of your team and the two of you can really hit it off.

 4. Book stores: Xmeeting.com suggests that meeting women at the book store is one of the best places. You can find out what she’s reading and she can even make a suggestion for you. She will think you’re educated too.

 5. Art Museum: This is a great place to women because they will be into similar interests as you. Perhaps you keep running into her in the modernist section, chat about it. Find out what she sees in that Warhol painting. Challenge her, she may really like that.

 6. Charity Events and Fundraisers: This will show women that you not only like to get dressed up, but you are also concerned about things happening in your community.

 7. Coffee Shop: Women who go to coffee shops are usually there to relax and unwind. They are usually more grounded than women at bars.

 8. The Dog Park: This is a great place for your dog and her dog to know each other and who knows, the two of you could make a connection.

 9. Farmer’s Market: If you are into more of an earthy woman, you can easily meet some here. This will be a great place to share ideas about food and perhaps get her number.

 10. Music Festivals: Most of these women are clearly into the same music you are or they wouldn’t be there. This can be a great chance to meet a great girl who has very similar interests. Just make sure that the two of you are sober.