Dating: Stand Up For Yourself

Relationships are much like fights, not in the terms of violence but instead in terms of the confrontation that takes place when it comes to who wears the trousers. Don’t let yourself succumb to the challenge of the fight, and make sure that you get yourself up for the confrontation in a way like no other. You need to stand your ground when it comes to your relationships in order to get the best out of your relationship.

If you become worn down by the one who you are in a relationship with then your time together will be blighted by resentment. You will resent each other, if you do not stand up for yourself. You will resent them for being controlling and unforgiving when it comes to your relationship, and they will resent you for not being a great enough challenge.

So without being aggressive or outstanding you need to be standing up for yourself by making sure that any early arguments in the relationship go your way. You need to make sure you can hold your own, if there are any disputes about furniture or whether or not you go and see your friends, and then you really will hold your own.

If you do not manage to hold your own and tell them how it is going to be when it comes down to your friends then you will end up breaking up due to the boundaries. When we are trapped we definitely fight our way out of a corner resulting in the end of our relationship with women. If you do not like to see them go out with their friends, or you end up being stopped yourself, you will end up in a state of betrayal and mistrust.

Not trusting the one you are with is scandalous, and you will end up with egg on your face, because if you don’t feel as though you can trust the girl you are with, then what is the point frankly. One of you will end up being driven away, or worse you could end up being cheated on, in the way of your elders you need to trust the one you are with.

If you can trust the one you are with however, then you will end up with things being great in your life. The way in which you carry yourself in the relationship leads you forward.

About the writer:

Larry Elrod is a writer for the Seduction Road Map, a site that teaches men all over the world about how to attract a woman and how to get a girl in bed.