Keeping him Faithful – There’s a hormone for that

A social study recently suggested that there WAS a way to make your man stay faithful to you when you are in a relationship. According to The Journal of Neuroscience, the hormone “actually makes partnered men put distance between themselves and attractive women”.

I can hear so many women out there screaming “Let me at that hormone!” and the good news is that it may be easier to come by than you first may have thought.

The hormone in question is called Oxytocin. The experiment was simple – 57 men, mixed between those in a relationship and those that were single, and a couple of nasal sprays. One of these sprays contained the hormone Oxytocin, and the other one contained a placebo. Guess what the results showed…. Those that had the nasal spray with the Oxytocin that were asked to stand at a close distance to an attractive female actually stood further away from their targets than those that had just the placebo effect.

A happy relationship is what is said to release these “faithful” hormones – the happier you are with a partner, and the more “loved up” you are; the more you inadvertently stand further away from those that would usually be appealing to you. It’s smart, right?

Oxytocin, when released at the right times, can help to ensure the man feels an emotional connection with his partner, even when he is not with her and cannot get the physical one. Scientists are still trying to figure out how this hormone works its magic, and as yet have not come to a reasonable conclusion, but the results look incredibly promising to those that need a little help when it comes to reining in their men.

There are a few naturally occurring ways that you can release Oxytocin into the body of your partner without being around him every five minutes of course, and these are what the single women are eagerly awaiting with held breaths!

*Text him when he is least expecting it. Either tell him the exciting things you want to do to him later, or keep it simple with an “I can’t wait to see you later!” text.

*Lightly massage him. Studies have shown that Oxytocin is released more with lighter contact than it is with hard. Bearing that in mind – try making love to him rather than using his body for your pleasure.

* Hold your breath and have some morning sex. This is the most natural way to kick start your Oxytocin levels and keeps his eye from wandering for the entire day!