Ottawa singles make common online dating mistakes

There are a lot of thing that can go right when dating online, but also a lot of things that can go wrong. Make sure to follow these sure fire ways to guarantee that you don’t make the same mistakes other people have when dating online.

1) Tell The Truth

You want to meet someone who loves you for who you are. Don’t trick people. Tell them what you like. Tell them what you are looking for. Be honest and they will be honest with you.  This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when dating online.

2) Do Not Give Away Your Private Information

Never give anyone your home address, credit card number, phone number, social insurance number. Even if they say they are ‘honest’.  Even if they want to meet up at your home they could be lying. This is just not safe.

3) Meet Local Singles in a Group Setting

Go online and find out when and where there are local singles events close to you. Ottawaencounters.com for example has a one of a kind event coming up at the Sugar Shack for local singles looking to find love just like you!