Ottawa: Wine & Food Show inspires Singles group

Are you from Ottawa, Canada? Still haven’t met your partner? If you’re single and ready to mingle, and not-to-forget from Ottawa, you might want to join this event wherein you get to meet and mingle with other people and at the same time join in the wine tasting event.

The city of Ottawa, also the capital of Canada, is famous for its numerous street festivals and also for its delicious foods and unforgettable wine. You surely would not want to miss any of its festivities especially when it is about their wine. There are plenty of vineyards and wineries in Ottawa, wines are very common in this region and so as wine competitions. This capital of Canada houses plenty of vineyards and wine makers that wine tasting events seem to be very common and often in this city. Each organizer of wine tasting events has their own style of preparing the event and each want to make a mark or make the event more special and different from ordinary wine tasting events that one can attend to.

OttawaEncounters.com organizers have gathered and organized this wine tasting and speed dating event which was inspired by last year’s Ottawa Wine and Food Festival in November. This event brings in the singles of Ottawa with a common interest for wine and giving them an opportunity to meet new people and could even lead to a good relationship. There is a social group in Ottawa that welcomes people and making them more socially involved with the activities in Ottawa. They encourage people to meet new friends, attend social events, and enjoy everything that the city has to offer. Most wine tasting events in Ottawa has nowincluded speed dating into their event; wherein the guests of the event who are single will have about eight minutes to date with the winners of the event giving them an exclusive opportunity to know the secrets in the wine-making industry.

This year’s wine tasting event—Canadian Wine Tasting with Cheese Rave—which Ottawa Singles Group have organized will be held within weeks, at Downtown Ottawa. All single citizens of Ottawa are invited to join. Each ticket holder will be given glasses of six different famous Canadian wines as samples in the event. This is a chance of being able to get a taste of Canadian’s exquisite wines and at the same time make new friends who are also wine enthusiasts. In this event, you will not only be able to taste different wines but you’ll also be able to learn more about each wine that you drink and the processes of producing it. You’ll be learning more about the wines through a few minutes date with the producers of wine. So join in the fun in this wine tasting event by Ottawa Singles Group. If you enjoyed the Ottawa’s wine and food festival last November 2012, you definitely will enjoy this event inspired by it.