Sleeping with Him on the First Date – Relationship Killer?

It’s an age old debate – should you have sex with someone on the first date? There are many sides to this story, and a lot of different theories, and it can be hard to come up with a definitive answer as far as this topic is concerned. Of course, if you are on the lead-up to a great first date with a man you are lusting over more than a large slab of gooey chocolate cake, knowing there are different sides wont’ help with the situation much. Maybe we should take a look at it from all angles?

Argument number one – He won’t think as much of you if you have sex with him on the first date. Really, is this actually true? Will he really think that less of you just because you put out on the first date? Yes okay, you may have gone further than you had intended to, but if the feeling was mutual surely he should feel bad for both of you, and not just look down on you? Many relationships that I know about have evolved from a one-night stand that went further than they both had anticipated. Take Rebecca and Charlie, for example. They have been together for four years and are engaged to be married, and she quite spectacularly “put out” on the first night. In fact, to this day he still calls her “Super S**t” – a nickname he fondly came up with after a night of wine and humor with friends that resulted in the entire first date story coming out. He must think plenty of her; especially if they are still together four years later, and on their way to being married!

Argument number two – You can’t expect to get a relationship out of sleeping with a man on the first date. As we have proven with the case of Rebecca and Charlie, a relationship CAN evolve as the result of sleeping with a man on the first date. If the sexual chemistry is there enough to cause you to want to sleep with someone on the first date, it is there enough to warrant wanting to see each other again. If he didn’t really like you that much, he wouldn’t have slept with you. There has to be some kind of attraction for the man to want to sit through a few hours of date and then STILL want to have sex with you at the end of the night. Think about it logically ladies; men may be pigs, but even they can’t get it up for just anyone!

Argument number three – No self-respecting girl would want to have sex with a man on the first date, thus giving him a false idea of what you are really like. In short, this basically means that he will think you are an “easy” girl. Rubbish! In this day and age, women think and act about sex just as freely as men do, so it would make sense for men to understand that women have needs to. If she needs it, and you are her victim of choice for the evening and are willing, who is this sexual liaison really hurting? Women have needs too, and whether or not you like to admit it, if there is a great date with a fabulous men and a serious amount of sexual tension, there is a massive chance that we are ALL going to think about sleeping with him, regardless of how much dignity you think you may have.

Who are you really hurting when you are both consenting adults having sex on the first date? As long as you use protection, don’t try anything “out of the ordinary” and you have a good time, who cares what other people may think? So what if your Mother thinks you are “Easy”, it doesn’t have much to do with her anyway. As the “Mystery Man” very nicely commented on the popular website Guyspeak.com, “Don’t worry too much about the fact that you had a better time than you thought you would on this first date. I’m willing to bet there’s going to be another!”